Solaris Hydrogen is a provider of a proprietary innovative low and zero carbon energy system solution in the form of an energy cluster. Solaris Hydrogen is an energy system powered by energy produced from renewable sources, integrated with an energy conversion unit through hydrogen technology, gas cogeneration and storage. All the processes taking place in the Solaris Hydrogen system, such as production, conversion into green hydrogen, storage and billing, are managed by the e-Vision software specially developed for this purpose. e-Vison is a complete package for Solaris Hydrogen system energy clusters wishing to integrate all needs arising from energy production, distribution and optimisation. Thanks to its compatibility with dedicated hardware platforms (metres, monitoring sensors, electrolysers, hydrogen fuel cells, gas co-generators, photovoltaics, wind and water power generation units), FK platforms and its ability to work in both Cloud and On-Premise models, the system ensures rapid deployment and provides a complete solution for the Solaris Hydrogen power cluster. A combination of this type (in an unprecedented way) has made it possible to construct a system to supply consumers with electricity and heat regardless of the day or season. It provides an alternative to the highly carbon-intensive outdated and inefficient current solutions.

Solaris Hydrogen also makes it possible to significantly reduce costs for system users while maximising revenue per unit of production and consumption by combining both functions on a prosumer basis. It is an environmentally friendly solution with zero or very low CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The options for adapting the Solaris Hydrogen system to a given project are presented by the three models we have developed:

  • Solaris Hydrogen Basic – low carbon
  • Solaris Hydrogen H2 – zero-emission
  • Solaris Home – designed for single-family houses

The form of operation in the form of an energy cluster enables a multiplicity of financing solutions and perfect operation in the legal and administrative apparatus. By individually designing each unit to the parameters and external conditions. Solaris Hydrogen undoubtedly represents a complete business and technological solution with a new distributed energy economy.

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